This `Python package`_ and ROS package allows sending REST request to a multiprocess system supported by Pyros.

ROS usage

Rostful interfaces a ROS system and the web world through a REST API. A ROS name


is made available via the URL (by default)

  • A service accept a POST request and returns a json message containing the original ROS service response
  • A Topic accept a POST on a Subscriber ( and returns nothing ) and a GET on a Publisher (and returns the last message received from that publisher)
  • A Param accept GET and POST request to get/set the value.


  • A request that is successful but doesnt return anything ( publisher didn’t send any message ) return 204
  • A request to an non existent topic or service returns 404
  • A request with wrong message format returns 400
  • A request that triggers an error in the ROS system returns 500, as well as a traceback, usually very handy for debugging the issue.
  • A request that is not replied in 10 seconds returns 504


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